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Commercial Insurance Coverage

Schield Insurance works hard to make commercial insurance simple. It’s important that our clients receive the right coverage in both the present and the future as circumstances change with a growing business. We’re known as the agency that can get it done, no matter how difficult the challenges might be.

The types of Commercial Insurance we can provide include General Liability, Workers Comp, Business Auto, Commercial Umbrella, Commercial Property, Contractors Liability, Inland Marine, Truckers Insurance, Small Business Owners Policy, and more. Because of our extensive and wide-ranging experience in the insurance industry, Schield Insurance has some advice, an idea, or practical experience on how to navigate through almost any situation that arises.

Common Problems Solved

HIGH COSTS: Many times our clients are looking to save money on insurance, and because of their background in risk mitigation, Schield Insurance can help almost every business save money on their insurance premiums. And if we can’t, we’ll let you know that you’ve got a great deal!

INSUFFICIENT COVERAGE: Through Schield’s evaluation period of current policies, it’s common to find that an insurance agent has provided the client with a policy that excludes some critical coverages. Many times this is because they’re using a “one-size-fits-all”, blanket policy instead of one that’s customized for specific industries. This is common with hotels, excavators, convenience stores, and web designers to name a few.


EASY: Schield Insurance takes the lead on getting things done for you. His interview process uncovers most of the information needed to complete the proper forms to get better, lower-cost premiums.

SAVE TIME & MONEY: Schield Insurance closes 99% of the accounts we quote. On average, we improve coverage AND lower premiums by 20-30% on average.


REVIEW: The first step is to send a copy of your current insurance policy(ies) for Schield Insurance to review.

DISCOVERY: Because of his background as an auditor and underwriter, Travis usually finds something significant which is either incorrect or could be done differently. This discovery saves his clients significant sums of money through creativity to come up with enhanced coverage and reduced premiums

INTERVIEW: Through the extensive interviewing process to obtain these no-obligation, free quotes, Travis is able to ask the right questions and gathers enough information to complete the application for you.

We Can Help You

With numerous licensing credentials, achievement awards, and broad experience within the insurance industry, we can help. Combined with the nation’s largest independent agency alliance group, we’re ready to help make insurance simple and easy for you.

Theresa Thatcher

Customer Service Representative

Blake Schield

Insurance agent

We strive to protect the assets of our clients by addressing complex insurance needs through the development of innovative customized insurance programs. We are affiliated with the nation’s largest independent agency alliance group. We have access to more insurance carriers and programs than anyone else. This allows us to make insurance simply and easy for our clients.

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