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Contractor Bonding

Schield Insurance works hard to get you prepared for the bonding process, then guides you through what it takes to get bonded. It’s important that our clients understand that there are a wide variety of problems to overcome, along with financial planning required to get bonded for jobs. We’re known as the agency that can get it done, no matter how difficult the challenges might be.

The types of Contractor Bonding we can obtain include Contractual Bonds, Performance Bonds, License Bonds, Permit Bonds, Surety Bonds, and Msicellaneous Surety Bonds. Because of extensive background in writing bonds, Schield Insurance can get it done.

Common Problems Solved

PLANNING TO REACH THE GOAL: Often, contractors don’t realize the financial steps they’ll need to take in order to obtain the bond line they would like if they want to do larger jobs.

INEXPERIENCE LOCALLY: Many agencies don’t check all the boxes and see the red flags before submitting an application for bonding. Schield Insurance takes it very seriously and works to get any issues resolved before submitting an application.

DIFFICULTY GETTING IT DONE: A wide variety of problems, many unforeseen, arise during the bonding process. It’s all about problem solving and figuring out how to get it done.


EXTENSIVE BACKGROUND IN WRITING BONDS: Professional training working for one of the top bond companies in Colorado has enabled Schield Insurance to learn the various nuances required to complete a successful bonding process.

ROADMAP TO BOND LARGER JOBS: Schield Insurance not only provides the path getting the current bond request done, but provides the roadmap for the growth of your company. One requirement is how much capital you’ll need to retain in order to obtain larger bonds in the future.


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With numerous licensing credentials, achievement awards, and broad experience within the insurance industry, we can help. Combined with the nation’s largest independent agency alliance group, we’re ready to help make insurance simple and easy for you.

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To protect the assets of our clients by addressing complex insurance needs through the development of innovative customized insurance programs. We are affiliated with the nation’s largest independent agency alliance group. We have access to more insurance carriers and programs than anyone else. This allows us to make insurance simply and easy for our clients.

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