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Homeowners Insurance

Schield Insurance works hard to make getting homeowners insurance simple. It’s important that our clients receive the right coverage in both the present and the future as circumstances change with respect to homeowners policies. We’re known as the agency that can get it done, no matter how difficult the challenges might be.

The types of Homeowners Insurance we can provide include High Risk Homes, High Value Dwelling Insurance, Brush Hazard Insurance, Renters Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Personal Umbrella Policies, Personal Article Floaters, and more. Because of our extensive and wide-ranging experience in the insurance industry, Schield Insurance has some advice, an idea, or practical experience on how to navigate through almost any situation that arises.

Common Problems Solved

CLASSIFIED IN A BRUSH HAZARD ZONE: If your home is located in an area classified as higher risk for wildfires, insurance can be difficult to obtain.

TOO LOW OF DEDUCTIBLES: If something does happen to your home, having a higher deductible is not always a bad thing. By raising your deductibles, you’ll avoid increased premiums in the future.

ABOUT TO PURCHASE AN EXPENSIVE HOME IN A RISKY LOCATION: You can save a lot of money and headache by getting insurance quotes before you buy that new home. Asking the right questions ahead of time can prevent larger, unforseen problems in the future.


ACCESS TO 30+ COMPANIES: Schield Insurance leverages its affiliation with the nation’s largest independent agency alliance group to find the best quotes for you. Because of this access, Schield Insurance can negotiate between insurance providers to achieve the best fitting solution for your insurance needs.

SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE: Different companies value scenarios differently with regard to your specific property’s risks and needs. Schield Insurance knows which companies you’ll fit best with.


INTERVIEW: Start by contacting us so we can ask the right questions to gather the information we need to obtain the best fit for your home. This is best done via a phone interview so we can round out the picture and determine which insurance companies are likely to provide the best quotes.

CUSTOM ANALYSIS OF PROPERTY: WIth the information obtained through our interview with you, we’ll next run our own analysis of your property. Schield Insurance will then explain our findings and what they mean to you.

DELIVER QUOTES: Once we obtain the best quotes, we share which quotes make sense … including keeping the coverage you already have if it makes sense. Let us know which way you prefer to receive this information and we’ll get them to you.

We Can Help You

With numerous licensing credentials, achievement awards, and broad experience within the insurance industry, we can help. Combined with the nation’s largest independent agency alliance group, we’re ready to help make insurance simple and easy for you.

Theresa Thatcher

Customer Service Representative

Blake Schield

Insurance agent

To protect the assets of our clients by addressing complex insurance needs through the development of innovative customized insurance programs. We are affiliated with the nation’s largest independent agency alliance group. We have access to more insurance carriers and programs than anyone else. This allows us to make insurance simply and easy for our clients.

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