Travis Schield

Insurance Agent
Brief info

I take pride in developing and enjoy building relationships with my clients, be more than just a salesman but a person they trust and know i have their best interest in mind. With that said I got alot of education hold the CLCS credential (commercial coverage lines specialist), I have spent years looking to build an agency i have now one that has big agency strength so I can access every insurance carrier except State Farm, Farmers, etc. But not to be big corporation owned like I was with Schield-Leavitt as I grew then bank crash of 08 all they cared about was retaining profit percentage, so would take any measure possible to get their fire staff, etc. It proved to me I don't want any partners that own a percentage of my agency, but needed the strength of the big national agencies. I found SIAA the largest in the country doing close to $6 Billion in written premium, 8 times bigger than Leavitt. I don't have to pay excessive fees, or share 60% of my profit. So I can build an agency and have the size so I can provide the service my clients have come to expect, I am stronger, have more resources, and not controlled by an entity that only cares about profit. Give me a shot at your policy, I haven't been beaten yet in premium, and I continually exceed my customer's expectations, and I am an excellent problem solver.

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