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Schield Insurance, Inc. was founded in 2013 to provide Western Slope residents customer-centric service that puts results ahead of profit. Since our founding, we’ve helped dozens of individuals and SMBs save thousands of dollars on premiums for better coverage.

Our late founder, Travis Schield, put his nearly 30 years of experience into creating a Durango insurance agency focused on client needs. He left behind a profits-focused Insurance model to ensure we tailor our programs to our clients’ exact circumstances. His son, Blake Schield, continues the family tradition of lowering premiums, mitigating risks, and connecting our clients to the right providers.

Travis built Schield Insurance's foundation of maximizing savings for customers as a loss prevention agent and premium auditor for Equifax. He trained in loss control, workers comp, and general liability audits on the Western Slope of CO. Travis was also prepared to conduct loss control surveys to set up loss-prevention controls for specific risks.
Travis founded The Linden Company's branch in Durango.
Travis co-founded the Schield-Leavitt Insurance Agency under the Leavitt Group. For more than a decade, he became a top producer for the Leavitt Group and elevated Schield-Leavitt into becoming a top insurance agency.
Schield Insurance was founded after Travis decided to re-enter the insurance industry. He believed a customer-first, service-oriented approach worked best to provide the best value to the communities of Durango and the Western Slope. The family business was passed on to Blake in 2019. Blake continues Schield Industry's reputation of providing client-driven and knowledgeable services with competitive prices in Colorado.

Client-Focused Team

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Blake Schield


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Brittany Schield

Vice President

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Theresa Thatcher

Customer Service Representative

SIAA Independent Member

Schield Insurance is proudly affiliated with the Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA), a billion-dollar national alliance of independent insurance agencies. We use our SIAA resources in order to connect our clients to the right carriers with zero compromises on their policies.
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