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Obtain Your Surety Bond, Prepare for Bigger Projects

The process of obtaining a contractor surety bond in Durango, the larger Colorado area, New Mexico, and Arizona can be tedious. And the riskier the project, the longer and more complicated the underwriting process can become. It can also complicate deals if your application for a surety bond falls through.

Schield Insurance has an extensive background in writing bonds and risk mitigation. We know where to look for mistakes in your bond application, any disparity in your financial records, or possible deficiencies in your requirements. Our agency can help you through the bonding process so your application ends in success.

Services Covered

Our firm has over 30 years of experience in helping clients identify and overcome pain points in the bonding process. Schield Insurance will help you with:

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Why Get Contractor Bonding
With Us?

Expert Knowledge
of Local Laws

Not all agencies are familiar with the laws of the service areas they operate in. Schield Insurance agents are licensed to write insurance in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. This lets us see red flags and make necessary corrections before submitting your bonding application.

Future Planning for
Larger Jobs

Firms need solid financial planning to graduate to bigger bond lines for larger jobs. They also need to retain a certain amount of capital, have a good credit history, and accurate financial records.

We can create a roadmap for your firm's growth while we complete your bond request. Let's assess what your firm needs to make your next request painless.

Quick and Painless
Bonding Process

You need to get through the bonding process as quickly as possible, without oversights that can jeopardize the deal later.

Our agents are extensively trained in completing bond requests, and will help you navigate through the procedure.

Partnered Nationwide

While we’re experts in obtaining Durango contractor surety bonds for clients, we’ve expanded our service areas to the larger Colorado area, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. Our larger reach is backed up by our partnership with SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance).

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Free Insurance Quote & Bid Bond Request

You can request a bid bond from us through this form. Alternatively if you need help with contractor bonding in Durango, other areas in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, you can ask for a quote—completely on us.

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