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Reliable Telluride CO Insurance Services

It’s not enough that insurance services in Telluride have excellent customer service. Your provider must have expert knowledge to provide the best rates for your insurance type. They should also connect you to carriers that can give these rates without compromising your coverage.

Schield Insurance has over 30 years of experience providing excellent insurance services to residents and businesses on the Western Slope. We know how critical full-coverage insurance is in the county seat of San Miguel County. More importantly, we understand and know how to work with local laws and regulations on insurance.

We’re excited to extend our insurance services to Telluride residents and businesses. Feel free to read about our products below, or contact us for a free quote.


Protection Against

Telluride’s dynamic economic environment can be unpredictable. If you’re a business owner who needs stability, call us so we can help you find a policy that can protect you from sudden changes or setbacks.

Hard-to-Beat Rates for
Telluride Auto Insurance

Our clients save an average of 20–30% on their yearly premiums thanks to our assessments. Reach out to us for a free quote, and we can help you find a policy that protects your automobiles and savings.

Prepare for Success

We can help you prepare for your bond application. Our firm’s roots in risk assessment and loss prevention will expose possible gaps in your application that might result in a rejection. Find these issues and address them in time with Schield Insurance.

Future Assurance in
Quality Home Insurance

Telluride home insurance is more important than ever, owing to the current home shortage in town. Protect your home with a policy that insures the most common risks your property, or properties, can encounter.

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Service Areas

We offer our insurance services beyond Telluride, CO. Our service areas cover the larger Colorado area, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. We’re happy to assist clients with any policy concerns, whether they want additional coverage or change billing details.

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