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The Best Personal Auto Insurance in Durango CO, Other CO Cities, NM, AZ, & TX

Vehicle owners are required by law to have personal auto insurance with a certain amount of coverage. Naturally, you want a policy that protects you, your automobiles, or watercraft from any untoward incident in the future. Your policy has to be optimized for the best coverage, at the lowest rates.

We have decades of experience in securing low premium, high coverage personal car insurance for Durango residents, and now we offer them to clients in other Colorado cities, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. All consultations start with a free quote, so you receive the best options possible for your auto insurance policy.

Services Covered

Schield Insurance ensures our customers receive the widest coverage possible. Our extensive background in the insurance industry means we know how carriers assess their clients, and what they actually cover. We’ll help you find a policy that can cover your:

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Why Get Personal Auto Insurance With Us?

Raise Your Deductibles
for Lower Premiums

It's tempting to reduce your deductible now, but raising them now will help you reduce premiums in the future, and ensure you receive a commensurate amount if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

We can help you discover competitive rates for policies that ensures the best coverage and savings year-on-year.

Cover Up
Your Exposures

Personal auto insurance policies typically have gaps in their coverage that you may not notice in the sales process.

Our history in risk assessment allows us to find and show you exposures in your policy, as well as give you options to minimize or eliminate these policy gaps.

More Than 30 Years
of Insurance Experience

Schield Insurance has partnered with the SIAA, the country's largest alliance of independent insurance agencies since the beginning of our operations.

In addition to this, we have over 30 years of experience in helping individuals and businesses find the best personal auto insurance coverage possible.

Partnered Nationwide

While we have roots in providing clients in Durango with personal auto insurance and other policies, our partnership with the SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance) helps us offer products to clients in all our service areas without a hitch.

Not only do our clients have access to more than 30 carriers in SIAA’s nationwide network, they have our knowledge of what companies value in determining rates at their disposal.

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We offer free personal auto insurance quotes in Durango, other Colarado cities, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. Tell us about your car insurance needs using the form below.

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