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Established Mancos CO Insurance Services

Finding insurance Mancos CO that’s affordable, reliable, and comprehensive can be difficult. Schield Insurance offers residents and businesses in the Gateway to Mesa Verde simple solutions to finding competitive rates for policies that protect what’s most important to them.

We have over 30 years of experience in providing insurance products that fit the needs of small Colorado towns. Our clients walk away with better coverage than what they receive from firms they’ve been in business with for decades. They save an average of 20–30% on premiums every year, while we close 99% of accounts we quote.

If you need to get comfortable with our firm before making any major decisions, we offer free quotes to all new clients. Let’s upgrade your Mancos insurance, starting with a call, today.


Protect Your Business
From Losses

Your business is valued in Mancos. We want to assist you in your search for a policy that will protect your business in case of property damage and theft, injuries, lawsuits, and other unexpected risks. Call us for a free quote, and see the difference we can make for you.

Essential Auto Insurance
for Mancos Residents

A lot of Mancos residents rely on their automobiles to commute from work, whether in-town or the next county over. Find policies with excellent coverage and save on your premiums year-on-year with Schield Insurance.

Win Bidding Opportunities
with Timely Bonds

Bidding in Mancos can be competitive, and bidding for jobs outside the town for Mancos-based businesses can even be tougher. Schield Insurance can help businesses spot red flags in their application and smooth problems over to improve their chances of securing bonds for important jobs.

Keep Your Home

Housing in Mancos is precious. Naturally, you want your property safe and covered from natural disasters, fire, flooding, theft, vandalism, damage from any form of automobile, and more. Let us help you find Mancos insurance policies that safeguard your home and savings.

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Service Areas

Our family-owned business provides insurance beyond Mancos. Schield Insurance has service areas in Colorado’s Western Slope, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. Keep in touch with us no matter where you go for services that understand the needs of small but hearty towns.

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