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Time-Proof Homeowner Insurance

Schield Insurance offers excellent rates on homeowner’s insurance from Durango, CO to the greater Colorado area, as well as New Mexico, and Arizona. We can give this guarantee because of our expertise in risk assessment, underwriting, and carrier matching. And our clients agree: we close 99% of the accounts we quote.

All quotes begin with an interview to give us the information we need to analyze your property. Our assessment will allow us to search for carriers with the coverage that fits your exact needs, and can adapt to changes in the future. We’ll then provide you with the best quotes, along with options to maximize your coverage.

Services Covered

Schield Insurance offers customer-first service to clients seeking homeowner’s insurance in Durango, other great Colorado cities, New Mexico, and Arizona. Coverage includes:

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Why Get Homeowners
With Us?

Expanded Coverage,
Lower Premiums

A common mistake in getting homeowner's insurance is aiming for low deductibles. In case you ever need to make a claim, higher deductibles give you better returns. Moreover, raising your deductibles lowers your premium in the future.

We will assess your current risks and exposure, to ensure you get the best rates from your carrier of choice.

Risk Assessment
and Mitigation

Underwriters will note if your area is prone to brush fire, landslides, floods, and similar hazards. Crime rate, proximity to emergency services, and even to other homes are also considered.

Schield Insurance's roots in risk assessment and mitigation allows us to give a thorough rundown of the property you own or wish to purchase. Our findings can help us find policies that will cover your exposures most effectively.

Competitive Rates for
Customized Policies

Because of our more than 30 years of experience in insurance, we have exhaustive knowledge of how carriers calculate their rates.

We deliver a flexible range of quotes to clients after our assessment. This allows clients to find a plan that closes gaps in their previous policies, or get a better deal that's future-proof.

Partnered Nationwide

Our Durango homeowner’s insurance services extends beyond our home base in the Western Slopes. We are licensed to write insurance in the larger Colorado area, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. Our growth is in part due to our membership with SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance), the largest national alliance of independent insurance agencies.

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Free Homeowners Insurance Quote

We’re not limited to making homeowner’s insurance quotes for Durango residents. Our agency is licensed to do business in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. Send us an email using the form below to receive a free quote.

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