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Schield Insurance provides affordable insurance to all Farmington, NM residents

For a city that’s close to three Native American reserves and many prehistoric Native American ruins, we realize the appeal Farmington has to residents and potential homeowners. Still, despite its thriving communities, it’s best to safeguard your properties to lessen the risk from any unforeseen risks.

Schield Insurance has your back. We understand the need for dependable and affordable insurance in Farmington NM. Take advantage of policies that adjust to your circumstances and our access to more than 30 providers countrywide, offering you the broadest range of choices.


Pay Less for
More Coverage

There are several degrees of coverage for each type of insurance, and the price increases the more risks you cover. Contact us, and we’ll make sure you get the insurance plan that best suits your requirements and financial capabilities. Simply request a free quote, and we’ll get on your request right away. 

The best car insurance in Farmington, NM from more than 30 companies

With so many alternatives available, choosing the best car insurance policy can be challenging. Different levels of coverage, discounts, and incentives are important factors to consider when looking for auto insurance in Farmington NM. We’ll help you find a provider that can give you the best auto policy for your budget.

Overcome Bonding Pains
to Get Larger Bonds

Whenever a company applies for a bond, especially if it’s new or seeking a bigger contract, they’re taking a calculated risk. Let us help you reduce risks that could compromise your application. We’ll improve your chances of getting your bond request approved using our experience in identifying red flags in bond applications.

Long-Term Home
Security You Can Trust

One of the biggest investments you will ever make is your home. A complete and dependable homeowners insurance in Farmington NM safeguards your property, and can provide you a sense of security. Secure your home from a wide range of hazards, such as theft, bad weather, unintentional fires, wildfires, and liability lawsuits.

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Service Areas

Our service locations extend beyond our insurance agency in Farmington NM to include Colorado, Arizona, and Texas besides other New Mexico cities. We will assist you in modifying your coverage if you ever move between these states. If you have any questions about insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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