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Credible Ouray CO Insurance Services

Finding insurance services in Ouray, CO that’s reliable, tested, and aware of the unique circumstances of the Outdoor Recreation Capitol of Colorado can be daunting. But if you partner with Schield Insurance, your search will be cut short. That’s because our firm has over 30 years of experience in providing insurance products to scenic, close-knit municipalities like Ouray.

As the “Switzerland of America”, Ouray’s insurance needs are focused on protecting local properties while reaping the economic benefits of its natural beauty. We at Schield Insurance will help you find a carrier in its nationwide network that can cover all your exposures.

Our agents will also help you find competitive rates, and advise you on how to lower your premiums year-on-year without compromising your coverage.


Business Owners Policy, General Liability, Workers Comp, and More

Schield Insurance has roots in risk mitigation, loss control, workers comp, general liability, and loss protection. We’ll help you secure a customized policy that covers all these basics, and more.

Commercial-Grade Auto Insurance in Ouray, CO from More Than 30 Carriers

Great auto insurance can protect you from untimely accidents, mechanical failures, rough road conditions, and reckless drivers. Schield Insurance will connect you to a carrier with the right coverage and rates that fit your needs.

Smoothen the Approval Process with Proactive Bond Preparation

Our company will help you prepare for the bond approval process to cut the wait short and improve your chances for approval. We’ll help uncover red flags in your financial records that can lead to a rejection, and guide you through local regulations to obtain your desired bond line. 

Homeowner Insurance for Ouray, CO Residents Who Stay

Your home is a treasure in Ouray, CO. Our agents will help you find a policy that covers your home in case of natural disasters, vandalism, and other unforeseen risks. You’ll receive competitive rates for the policies our agents will present, as well as advice on how to minimize your exposures.

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Service Areas

Our service areas range from Colorado, to New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. Should you need to adjust your Ouray, CO insurance to any town or city in these states, reach out and we’ll make thes adjustments. We’ll ensure that your home, automobile, or business is protected at the best possible rates.

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